Monterey Bay Laundry Co.

Commercial Products

We’ve matched the modern equipment in our local facilities with the leading textile companies in the country to provide the highest quality commercial rental services. We have a broad range of rental products readily available, and we welcome the opportunity to meet any special needs you may have. Here’s a sample of the products we offer:

Bar Towels
Kitchen Towels
Dish Towels
Spa Towels
Bath Towels

We’ll provide you with a towel rental service that costs less than purchasing them on your own. Our towels will be cleaner than you would even imagine.


Aprons & Cook Apparel
With a wide range of styles and colors, we have the products you need for your kitchen and wait staff.




Napkins and Table Linen
From a casual breakfast table to a fine banquet setting we have the linens to dress a table to your specific needs.



Bed Linen
We provide bed linens for spas and inns and offer the option of laundering linens that you've purchased for your property.



Custom Floor Mats
Greet your customers with your logo or a message tailored specifically to your business. With no up-front art cost, mats are very affordable.



Wet Mops/Dust Mops
How clean are your mops? Have your laundered them lately? With our mop service, you'll know your floors are clean.



Floor Mats

  • Carpeted and rubberized entrance mats to reduce dirt and dust.
  • Flow mats to improve customer and worker safety in wet areas.
  • Anti-fatigue mats to improve worker comfort.