man with maskHelping Your Employees Keep Themselves and the Public Safe

The Monterey Bay Laundry Sanitized Employee Mask Program allows your business to visually and procedurally demonstrate an enhanced commitment to hygiene.

The program supplies an initial inventory of sanitized launderable face masks and ensures that on-going sanitization is part of daily operations.

We will pickup the masks once used, sanitize them at our commercial laundry and return them for re-use. Additionally, for every face mask in the program a financial contribution is made to support the community efforts of Meals on Wheels.

Key Benefits: 

  • Protect both customers and employees with a visible and procedural commitment to enhanced safety
  • Preserve the supply of N95 and surgical masks for the professionals who need them
  • Program eliminates forgotten masks or units contaminated during use
  • Standardized design demonstrates professionalism
  • Masks are designed to never leave the employee thereby reducing the risk of placement on contaminated surfaces
  • Masks are professionally laundered including:
    • Dedicated sanitization and packaging process
    • High velocity wash at 160 degrees
    • Bleach sanitization process
    • High temperature drying at 190 degrees
    • Colors include: White, Ivory, Red, Blue, Green and Black

Our COVID-19 Commitment:
$1 of every mask put into regular inventory will be donated to Meals on Wheels of the Monterey Peninsula.

Click for a pdf of the Program Flyer. 
Click for a pdf of the Press Release.